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Prevent unauthorized purchases by children on Xbox One

Xbox One authicticated you to give the benefits of a single Xbox Live Gold membership with anyone who uses your Xbox One console, without authirising anyone to use the credit card linked to that membership to make purchases.
If you create an account for each console user, every user can have his or her own Xbox Live profile to use sign in to your console, while they have access to all the services of your Xbox Live Gold membership.

  • ·         Tips for preventing unauthorized purchases or changes to your account:
  • ·         Create a passkey and require it for:
  • ·         Signing in when you’re not near.

You can change your settings. This is a very good method to prevent children from change the control of parents on their accounts if you forget to sign out your account.
You should never put credit card information in any family member’s account whom you don’t want to purchases by your children. You can buy an Xbox gift card anytime if you want to allow your child to make their own purchases.
Allways mind, Xbox One you're not automatically signed out. To prevent unauthorized use of the credit card linked to your Xbox Live Gold membership, always sign out after using the it.

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