How to Fix Microsoft Error code 37?

Code error 37 is one of the many Device Manager error codes which basically means that the installed driver for the hardware device has failed in any way.

Important Notice: Device Manager Error Codes are Specific to Device Manager. If you see code 37 error in Windows, it is likely that it is a system error code that you should not troubleshoot as a device manager problem.

Error code 37 may apply to any hardware device in Device Manager. However, most codes of 37 errors appear on Blu-ray, DVD and CD drives, as well as on optical drives like video cards and USB devices.

How to fix Microsoft error code 37?  

  • If you have not restarted it at least once after viewing the Microsoft code 37 error, restart your computer.
  • It is possible that error code 37 was caused due to a temporary problem with the hardware you are looking at. If this is the case, you may need to fix the code 37 error to restart your computer.
  • Did you install the device or change the device manager just before when the code 37 error shows? If so, then it is highly probable that the changes what you made have generated code 37 error.
  • If you can, then undo the change, restart your computer, and then check again for code 37 error.

Depending on the changes which you made
  • ·         Remove or reconfigure a newly installed device
  • ·         Rolling back to the driver in a version before your update
  • ·         Using System Restore to Undo Changes related to Device Manager Recently


Remove the upper filter and lower filter values. A common cause of code 37 errors is the corruption of two registry values in the DVD / CD-ROM drive class registry key.

Note: Deleting the same values in the window registry can also solve the code 37 error that appears on any device Blu-ray, DVD or CD drive. The above link upper filter / lower filter tutorial will show you what to do.

Reinstall the driver for your device. Uninstall the drivers for your device and then restoring is another possible solution to code 37 error. Especially if there is an error on a device other than BD / DVD / CD drive.

To do this, open Device Manager and now right-click on the device or click-and-hold, go to the Drivers and then select Uninstall. When finished, you can use the Action> Scan for hardware change option to force Windows to see new drivers.

  • ·        Update the drivers for the device
  • ·        Run the sfc /scannow System File Checker command
  • ·        Replace the hardware\
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